Primary Services


Our diagnostic service will pinpoint the problem you are experiencing with your computer and come up with a quote to resolve it. If the quote is approved, the diagnostic charge is waived.

PC Tune-Up

Our PC tune-up service will boost your computer's overall performance. We will decrease your startup time and increase the stability of your system. We also include a free anti-virus installation for added protection.

Data Backup

Our data backup service can make a copy of your computer's data onto a DVD, USB flash drive, external hard drive, or transfer the data from one location to another. We recommend backing up data prior to any performed service.

Virus Removal

Our virus removal service guarantees the removal of all types of infection and we also include the installation of an anti-virus program. If required, we will perform our reformat service at no additional charge and we will transfer data for free.


Our reformat service will wipe your computer's system clean and give you a fresh start like the day you first purchased it. This service includes a free data transfer and we will also install a free anti-virus program.

Data Recovery

Our data recovery service attempts to recover lost, deleted, or corrupt information from your broken PC, laptop, or external hard drive.

Please call 720-232-2761 for pricing.

Additional Services

Broken/Cracked laptop screen?
We replace laptop monitors!

We resolve printer/network
connectivity issues!

Free quotes for new
laptops & desktops!

We have on-site services!

We have remote in/access services!

We have password removal services!

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